/personal work

A1 implementation board_160508

Gaming Project for San Francisco Tenderloin

Entry at the 2016 San Francisco Tenderloin Idea Competition

Mzo Tarr Architects: Adam Tarr, Alexandru Senciuc, Peter Daniel Fazakas, Jelena Despotovic

2016-03 FATF perspective

Flossie and the Fox Prison 

Entry at the Prison Puzzle International Idea Competition Competition – 2016

Mzo Tarr Architects: Adam Tarr, Alexandru Senciuc, Peter Daniel Fazakas, Jelena Despotovic

22_Living grounds

Living grounds. Generating Intelligent Environments

Special Mention Award at the Jacques Rougerie Competition – 2014

TarTar Team: Alexandru Senciuc, Razvan George Gorcea, Tudor Mafteianu, Irene Pluchinotta, Helmi Ghammam, Andrei Stan, Agathe Raguit, Cristian Santibanez, Samia Ben Rajeb, Iris Yassur, Arnaud Thomas

Venice biennale 01

Just Now

Runner-up prize for Ro Pavilion at Venice Biennale – 2013

Credits: Razvan George Gorcea, Constantin Gorcea, Sorin Bompa, Alexandra Arama, Cosmin Tolbes, Alexandru Senciuc

The cloud perspective

The cloud at Anadolu Hisari

PFE 2012 – ENSAPLV Architecture diploma project

Credits: Alexandru Senciuc

/atelier michel rémon

role: architectural assistant

Original building before restoration

rehabilitation and restoration of Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme – architectural assistant: Atelier Michel Rémon – 2014

/acp architecture

role: architectural assistant

2015-08-26 AMR ACP TARTAR18

24 individual houses and 22 apartments in Cormeilles en Parisis – collaboration: ACP Architecture – 2015

/atelier dccp architectes

role: architectural assistant

VITRY -s (1)

30 housing units in Vitry sur Seine – collaboration: Atelier DCCP Architectes – 2014

ROUEN -s (1)

60 housing units in Rouen – collaboration: Atelier DCCP Architectes – 2013

ROCO - s (5)

Roco restaurant – collaboration: Atelier DCCP Architectes – 2014

HK01P - s (2)

01 pavilion in Hong Kong – collaboration: Atelier DCCP Architectes – 2014


/sensual city studio

role: intern

Saint Lazare First floor

Saint Lazare 360 – collaboration: SCS* Sensual City Studio / Jacques Ferrier Architectures – 2013

ZCM jardin

ZAC Carmes Madeleine – collaboration: SCS* Sensual City Studio / Jacques Ferrier Archtiectures – 2013


/ workshops / personal projects / exhibitions



Bucharest Athens Paris

Bucharest Athens Paris – workshop and students’ association in Paris – ENSAPLV 2011 – founder

Uzina de Apa

The water Plant in Suceava – workshops and project within the team of Constantin Gorcea – 2011-2012 – participation


CMYK: an architecture model made of concrete and plexiglas – author


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