37 housing units at Saint Brice sous Foret

ST BRICE - s (1)

Collaboration within Atelier DCCP Architectes.

Task: project collaborator for building permit phase.

Project facts (FR):

mou AMETIS coût 3 500 000 €HT
moe Atelier DCCP Architectes superficie 2 500 m2 SHON
programme 37 logements dont 30% sociaux label H&E
calendrier Permis déposé Mars 2014 lieu Saint Brice sous Foret (95), France
matériaux Pierre maçonée, enduit sur isolation intérieure

ST BRICE - s (2)

ST BRICE - s (3)

ST BRICE - s (4)

ST BRICE - s (5)

© All images are copyright of Atelier DCCP Architectes.

About alexandru senciuc

I am an architect in the pursuit of research and innovation in collective intelligence and healthcare planning. Currently, I work as a snr architect at Medical Architecture and am a PhD Student at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.


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