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Projet realise dans le cadre du cours: Recyclage urbain et production du lien social. Prof: Luis LOPEZ. Equipe: Rita TOUIMY BENJELLOUN, Martina PACIFICI, Jenifer SUAREZ, Alexandru SENCIUC.

Project realised in the frame of the lesson: Urban recycling and the production of social connection. Prof: Luis LOPEZ. Team: Rita TOUIMY BENJELLOUN, Martina PACIFICI, Jenifer SUAREZ, Alexandru SENCIUC.

L’objectif principal de notre cours a ete de faire un etude a travers un experiment a l’echelle micro de la ville sur un des aspets consideres generalement comme desagreable: les dechets. Ici il ne s’agit pas des ordures mais surtout des objets qui fonctionnent encore et qui sont poses dans la rue pour etre recuperes par d’autres personnes. Notre travail nous a permis de toucher la dimension concrete de l’ordre social (l’ensemble des habitudes d’une societe) par le biais d’un acte presque invisible.

The main objective in our lessen has been to produce a study based on a experiment at the small scale of the city on one of the things generally considered as a nuisance: the waste. We are not talking about regular trash but about objects which still work and that have been left in the streets to be used by others. Our work has permitted us to directly touch the dimension of social order (the collection of habits of a certain society) via an almost invisible gesture.




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I am an architect in the pursuit of research and innovation in collective intelligence and healthcare planning. Currently, I work as an architect at Medical Architecture and a MPhil/PhD Student at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.


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