Public Space for Polytechnical University Bucharest

* in colaborare cu / in contribution with IOAN TUDORAN

Sunt 3 elemente care le-am urmarit in realizarea proiectului. Primul dintre acestea este caracterul total si anume ca interventia noastra se extinde peste toata suprafata campusului astfel incat ansamblul sa isi pastreze unitatea.

Al doilea lucru este eficienta interventiei si tocmai de aici provine ideea de traseu. Traseul se suprapune peste anumite drumuri care nu se aflau in proiectul initial si care traverseaza spatiile verzi intr-un mod liber. Am dorit sa marcam aceste drumuri in special datorita faptului ca sunt folosite frecvent ca si scurtaturi. Astfel traseul se prezinta sub forma unui drum al carui scop principal este tranzitul, care se racordeaza la si intersecteaza strazile existente, dar care de asemenea prezinta optiunea unor drumuri secundare, ocolitoare. De-a lungul acestui drum apar punctual pavilioanele cu rol principal de puncte de intalnire. Aceste pavilioane sunt pozitionate in functie de intersectia circulatiilor, a cladirilor din jur si a locurilor cu un caracter special.

Al treilea element care l-am urmarit este sentimentul de artificial care se separa de arhitectura existenta si adopta o pozitie de respect fata de aceasta. Pavilioanele capata un aspect sculptural prin culoarea vie si material (metal vopsit). Elementele naturale (copacii, florile, iarba, pietrisul) sunt separate si apar ca elemente insulare cu un contur precis. Drumul (asfalt negru),folosit si ca panou informativ, primeste un desen care ilustreaza un circuit electric, o mica ironie la adresa studentilor politehnicii.

There are three general elements we have pursued in our design. The first one is that our intervention has to cover the whole surface of the campus in order to keep the balance between different parts inside the campus.

The second important idea is efficiency which led us to thinking about creating a road. The road actually overlaps certain paths which are not part of the original building plan but of spontaneous nature and which cross through the open and green spaces. We wanted to highlight these paths especially because they are most frequently used as shortcuts. We ended up with a circuit which has the main function of transport, a road that crosses and connects to the existing roads, but which also splits into several secondary more winding paths. Along this main road we have positioned several pavilionary constructions which have the main function of a meeting point, but can also be used as coffee shops and can host cultural and sporting events. These structures are positioned based on the intersection of circulations, surrounding buildings and landscape, and special areas. Their position creates a rhythm inside the space of the campus, thus creating many subdivisions which are easier to appropriate.

We wanted to separate our design from the existing one and through this complete separation in style to create a feeling of respect towards the buildings. The constructions thus appear to be more sculptural through the material (metal beams and sheets) and its color (bright yellow). Moreover, all the natural elements (trees, flowers, grass, gravel) are separated from each other and take the shape of singular entities with a precise border line, so that the feeling experienced is that of natural environment which has been altered and looks more and more like a building. The main road is made of black asphalt and white paint drawings, almost like a electrical circuit with all its elements but also with indicators thus serving as a map as well.

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I am an architect in the pursuit of research and innovation in collective intelligence and healthcare planning. Currently, I work as a snr architect at Medical Architecture and am a PhD Student at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.


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