Chapel for Polytechnical University Bucharest

Capela pentru mine este un tip de spatiu care nu iese in evidenta prin forma lui ci prin activitatea din interior. Tocmai de aceea am considerat acest obiect ca fiind compus dintr-o serie de salturi in cercuri concentrice.

Mediul inconjurator dinamic intra in antiteza cu spatiul introvertit al capelei. Astfel capela isi creeaza propriul context printr-o bariera puternica de vegetatie care separa spatiul capelei de cel exterior pe toate planurile mai putin pe cel vizual. Partea inferioara a coroanei arborilor se gaseste la acelasi nivel pe intreaga suprafata  astfel incat volumul alb inundat in lumina al capelei sa poata fi perceput. Volumul dreptunghiular dovedeste caracterul neutru fata de exterior al capelei.

Aceasta capela se afla sub un lac. Trecerea de la spatiul exterior la cel interior se face printr-un perete de apa care se continua la interior cu lacul. Apa actioneaza totodata ca un sistem de ghidare catre spatiul final de sub lac. Luminarea spatiului capelei se face printr-o serie de goluri in planseu care se continua deasupra prin mici blocuri de sticla; lumina care intra este filtrata prin apa provocand o atmosfera meditativa.

Aceste camasi cu care am imbracat spatiul provoaca spatiul ultim la duel. Goliciunea ultima a acestuia contrazice acest duel reusind sa devieze atentia catre esenta spatiului, actiunea.

To me, the chapel has a space typology which does not stand out because of its shape, but because of the activity going on inside. That is precisely why I have thought of this object as a sum of several concetric leaps rather than a single entity.

The dynamic surrounding enviroment is antithetical to the introvert space of the chapel. Thus the chapel creates its own context through a very thick vegetation barrier which separates the space of the chapel from the exterior one on all levels except the visual one. The lower part of the tree crowns rests at the same level throughout the whole planted area bringing out the white volume of the chapel. The rectangular shape shows neutrality towards the exterior.

The chapel is under a lake. Crossing from exterior to interior is done by passing through a water wall that continues inside with the lake. The water stream acts like a guiding system towards the final chamber underneath the lake. Lighting the interior is done through a series of gaps in the ceiling covered with small blocks of glass; upon entering the chamber the light is filtered by the water.

The concentric shirts I have used to dress the space of the chapel challenge the space to a duel. The ultimate emptiness of the space contradicts the duel and brings to light the very essence of the space, the action.

About alexandru senciuc

I am an architect in the pursuit of research and innovation in collective intelligence and healthcare planning. Currently, I work as a snr architect at Medical Architecture and am a PhD Student at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.


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