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Assisting collective architectural conception – research poster

On the 17th of May I presented a research poster containing the subject of my future phD thesis in architecture: “Assisting collective architectural conception: cooperation, coordination and collaboration via basic online tools”. The event was organised by Research Department of the ENSAPLV school, within the DPEA programme.

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Web technologies are the subject of everyday use in almost all domains of activity. In architecture, not only people employ the conventional e-mails and file transfer systems, but also social networks and Wikipedia platforms. However, do these tools really change the way we think and build our environment? Therefore, the question of my research is: how do web services assist groups of people in the architectural conception process?

My objective is, with the help of the architecturology, to identify the moments of cooperation of coordination and the cognitive operations of conception that are assisted by these services.

The focus of this research is to build different profiles for the actors taking part in the architectural conception process who use the online tools and to measure the impact of these tools on the architectural project.

My thesis seeks to build a theoretical model which will help to better understand how the collective conception process functions through the use of the web, both in architecture and in similar domains such as: urban planning, project management and design. This knowledge could be later used to develop a teaching instrument for collective conception, a meta-tool for using online services or a resource for creating new online tools.

English version:

2013-06-02 poster Alexandru Senciuc

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Lecture “Activismul transnational ca precursor al Orasului de Spuma” @ Pavilion Center

On the 9th of May I held a public lecture at Pavilion Center in Bucharest.

video of the conference (RO):

Activismul transnațional ca precursor al “Orașului de Spumă” – Alexandru Senciuc from Pavilion journal on Vimeo. Continue reading

DPEA Recherches en Architecture students list

 I have been listed on the official page of the post-master DPEA Recherches en architecture of ENSA Paris La Villette research department. This is the first promotion of students to go through this programme.

The invisible mobilization : from online activism towards public space

The existing mechanisms of collective deliberation in urban, national, international, global space are in an embryonic state. Inefficient, inaccessible, inexistent, these devices obstruct the functioning of the political systems of democracy. In 2011, the revolution in the Arab world, the 15M movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement, the sphere of online activism (re)entered into the sphere of global public space. The efficiency of its devices shown in the mobilization, organization and collective construction opened a new possible universe, of the invisible mobilization.

Taking this phenomenon as an example, the dissertation studies how its function, its uses, its features and its technologies could be transferred to the public sphere. By deconstructing and reconstructing the relationship between technology and its use, the pattern of the invisible mobilization is completed in its physical and virtual dimensions.

Overall, the invisible mobilization and the architecture project New Technologies in Istanbul form a sphere which articulates different forms of public space at different scales: urban, national, international and global. This joint does not create in a concentrical way, but rather in a transversal multidirectional way. The figure of this political act is to fill the pockets left empty by the spherical systems of representative democracy with ephemeral forms of direct democracy.

mobilisation(espace reel, espace virtuel)= espace public

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dossier realise dans le cadre du seminaire pole AAP, Critique de la contemporaneite. Prof: Chris YOUNES, Catherine ZAHARIA, Anne TUSCHER. Auteur: Alexandru SENCIUC.

folder made within the frame of the AAP seminar, Critique of the contemporary. Prof: Chris YOUNES, Catherine ZAHARIA, Anne TUSCHER. Auteur: Alexandru SENCIUC.


La Grande Arche: une fenêtre sur Paris


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Dossier realise dans le cadre du cours: La Societe de Metropoles (XIX-XX Siecles). Prof: Patrick LEITNER. Auteurs: Marta MILANO, Alexandru SENCIUC

Folder realised within the frame of the lesson: The Societies of the Metropoles (19th and 20th century). Prof: Patrick LEITNER. Authors: Marta MILANO, Alexandru SENCIUC


BERGES DE SEINE: projet, participation, gouvernance

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Salus Global Knowledge



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