Workshop Uzina de Apa Suceava

The workshop at the “Water Power Plant” in Suceava in 2011 was one of the many stages in the long-term development of a complex program, that of a cultural centre. The aim of this workshop was to give the place a kick-start and a name within the social field of the city.

Watch the preparation of the expo

By searching for different types of compatibilities, the 4 teams of around 6-7 organized themselves according to scale and problem : industrial heritage in the region, the urban development and impact studies, vecinities and landscape design and finally object and sign design. During the week of study, the different teams mapped different problems and sketched different solutions.

During the workshop

Results of the workshop

2012 has been the year the Water Plant turned 100 years. It has been the occasion for the inauguration of the space to the public. Today, the space proudly awaits for the new inhabitants/events/projects.

Uzina de apa 2012 is OPEN

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