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Architect @ Medical Architecture and MPhil/PhD @ Bartlett Architecture UCL


I have recently started a MPhil/PhD programme at the Bartett School of Architecture, University College London. The PhD is sponsored by Medical Architecture and is carried out under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Gage and Prof. Alan Penn. Industry supervisor is Christopher Shaw.

In parallel, I am now working as an architect for Medical Architecture on projects in London, Morocco, Liberia and SW England.

Looking forward to the upcoming years of practice and research, looking forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts.

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CDVE 2015 research conference and LNCS 9320 scientific paper

CISP diagram

A. Senciuc, I. Pluchinotta, S. Ben Rajeb (2015). “Collective intelligence support protocol: a systemic approach for collaborative architectural design”, in Luo Y. (ed.), Cooperative Design, Visualisation and Engineering CDVE 2015 Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9320, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 152-161.

Paper is available here.

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CDVE 2013 conference and LNCS 8091 article publication

2013-09-24 cdve conference

From the 22nd to the 25th of September I took part in the CDVE 2013 research conference in Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain. Together with Prof. Caroline Lecourtois, I have presented and published a short paper with the title: “Exploring collective architectural conception. Cooperation, coordination and collaboration via basic online tools”.

The short paper has been published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Journal, number 8091. It has been published both online and on paper. The reference for the article is:

Senciuc, A., & Lecourtois, C. (2013). “Exploring collective architectural conception. Cooperation, coordination and collaboration via basic online tools”. (Y. Luo, Ed.) Lecture Notes in Computer Science (8091), pp. 51-55.

To consult and buy this paper please go to this link.

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Soutenance du mémoire recherche DPEA

logo maacc dpea ensaplv

Invitation ouverte


Vendredi le 27 septembre à 14.30 je vais soutenir mon mémoire du DPEA (Diplôme Propre aux Ecoles d’Architecture) de Recherches en Architecture : “Modélisation de la conception collective architecturale. Coopération, coordination et collaboration via les outils web de base”. Elle va durer environ 30 minutes.

Pour avoir une idée du sujet du mémoire veuillez consulter mon poster recherche.

La soutenance aura lieu dans la salle 2 du Département de Recherche de l’ENSA Paris La Villette, à l’adresse suivante :

118/130 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris (Escalator + Mezzanine +gauche gauche).

Pour un program détaillé des soutenances du DPEA veuillez consulter cet article.

Cooperative design, visualization & engineering

cdve 2013

Between 22-25 September 2013 I will be presenting a short paper together with Assistant Professor Caroline Lecourtois at the 10th CDVE International Conference, in Mallorca, Spain.

The title of the paper is: “Exploring collective architectural conception. Cooperation, coordination and collaboration via basic online tools”

Here you can find the program of the conference.

DPEA Recherches en Architecture students list

 I have been listed on the official page of the post-master DPEA Recherches en architecture of ENSA Paris La Villette research department. This is the first promotion of students to go through this programme.


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